Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New discovery and incorrect gravestone

The interesting thing about writing this blog is while I write, I am able to find holes in my research. On my last post about Jacob Carroll I found a fairly significant discrepancy with his date of death. My data had said  he died in 1935 but his gravestone said 1936. So I made a note to follow up on this. My source for 1935 was a short biography that was possibly his obituary. I found it in my grandma's belongings with the old pictures that had been my great-grandmothers. It had been re-typed and laminated and no source information  given. It was something that was likely made by a family member for remembrance, not genealogy and I began to doubt the information when I saw the gravestone.

However, the Missouri Digital Heritage website has a large collection of digitized documents. There aren't a lot of my family, but as if a stroke of luck, Jake Carroll's Death Certificate is there. It clearly states 1935 as the year he died, so this family document was right, and the date etched in the headstone was incorrect.

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