Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jacob A. Carroll (1876 - 1936)

Photo from Find a Grave user Randy Adams
Photo by Find a Grave user Randy Adams

Jake Carroll was born October 31st, 1876 in Ozark County, Missouri to John Carroll and Sarah Elizabeth Gifford.  His younger brother, Joseph F. Carroll was born January 21st, 1879. Little is known of Jake's younger life, but sometime around 1879 his father, John, passed away. Sarah, now a widow with two young sons, re-married James Perry Kimberling on November 2nd 1879.

For a time the family moved to Oklahoma, but by 1890 they had returned to Ozark County. James Perry and Sarah Kimberling had 6 six children, though only 3 made it to adulthood: Jessie A, Lillie E, and Mattie Angeline. As Jake and Joe were very young when Sarah and James were married, they grew up  close with their half-siblings, and when Sarah and James died in 1898, Joe and his wife, Belle, took the Kimberling siblings in and reared them. 

 On October, 25 1899 Jake Carroll and Flora Ann Loman were married in Gassville, Arkansas. Flora was the daughter of John Washington Loman and Elizabeth Ann Coffman. They settled in Gassville for many years where they had 7 children: Eula, Leota Marie, Edgar, Louvina, Fleeta (died in infancy) Eura, and my great-grandmother, Una Lee. Later, four of the sisters, Eula, Louvina, Eura, and Una Lee would move with their husbands and families to Oregon. 

The family later moved back to Ozark County, settling in the area of Howards Ridge. This is where Una Lee and Ralph Waldo Stevens  would marry in 1933. Jake passed away shortly after on July 15, 1936 at the home of Ralph and Una Lee Stevens and was laid to rest in Fay Cemetery. In his obituary it is said that "On the evening of July 7, he asked to be taken on the porch and then he began singing 'In the Sweet Bye and Bye.'"

From Left to right: Everett and Mattie (Kimberling) Pleasant, Joe and Belle (Pleasant) Carroll, Jim and Lillie (Kimberling) Pleasant, and Jake and Flora (Loman) Carroll
From left to right: Everett and Mattie (Kimberling) Pleasant, Joe and Belle (Pleasant) Carroll, Jim and Lillie (Kimberling) Pleasant, and Jake and Flora (Loman) Carroll.

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